Fire Protecon Coangs


Fire proof coang on the building and structure, prevenng its collapse due to increased temperature and sufficient me to escape from fire and fire, as well as providing fire brigade services. In the case of fire, fire protecon coang can prevent serious damage to the structure and thus prevenng its problems. An-fire coang is applicable to new structures and old structures


Faranegar Zarfam Co. Fire Protecon Coang


1, Inorganic Sprayed Fire Resistant Materials :  Vermiculite based fire protecon coang , Gypsum-based mineral flame retardant coangs , Fire-resistant coang based on glass wool mineral

  • High fire resistance and postponement of collapse of the structure
  • Affordable
  • Speed and ease of implementaon
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Being light
  • Ability to run on metal and concrete structures
  • Ease of repair
  • Resistance to erosion

Inorganic sprayed fire resistant coangs due to its high thermal resistance and very low thermal conducvity, reduces the process of heat transfer in the structure, causing a delay in the collapse of the structure for about 4 to 5 hours.  Faranegar Zarfam Co. by obtaining a variety of technical and legal licenses, has the ability to supply and implement of these coangs.

2, Polymer Based Fire Resistant Coating: Intumescent Paints

  • Smooth and durable surface against abrasion and dust
  • Thin cover
  • Affordable
  • Easy repairs
  • Compable volale organic compounds
  • Structure fire protecon for up to 3 hours
The main advantage of this type of coang is its beauty and lightness compared to other coangs such as mineral coangs. Because this product itself can be used as the final cover of the surface. These colors implement at a maximum thickness of 6 mm and ulmately create a flat surface that is resistant to abrasion and dust.