Research and Development (R&D)

Ulizing a professional manpower of graduates from most credible universies around the world in its R&D sector,Faranegar Zarfam Co. is able to execute research projects based on client's requirements.

In this regard, aer the problem has been proposed by client, which is usually due to the industrial and execuonal difficules raisedthroughout the realizaon of projects, Zarfam's R&D department starts to evaluate, research and execute related tesng in its associate's or somemes academic labs. This procedure will lead to soluon provision by R&D and aer confirmaon from client, the possibility of troubleshoong will be evaluated through an EPC project and executed by Zarfam Co.

The company has research and development competence cerficate from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Mines and is honored with the tle of knowledge-based from Science and Technology Department of the Presidenal Administraon.Benefing from latest knowledge and scienfic achievements as well as ulizing well-known internaonal experts, Faranegar Zarfam Co.

is able to deliver following corrosion services in various industries:

1, Selecon and idenficaon of materials, based on expected operang condions
2, Analyzing failure caused by corrosion, erosion and other level damage
3, Idenficaon of corrosion mechanism and provision of control and prevenon soluons