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Faranegar Zarfam Co. started its journey in 2005 as a private company, aiming to constructing, manufacturing, technology transmission and commercial activities in the composite industry. As its first step, Faranegar Zarfam developed a manufacturing factory in Shahriar region and started to produce composite components for heavy machineries. Establishing its quality control, engineering, research and commercial and development sections, the company step by step moved forward and now it is one of the leading enterprises in different major industries such as Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Marine & Railway, water and waste water, etc. Having a team of specialized experts along with years and years of valuable experience, Faranegar Zarfam proudly provides all types of services and solutions from consulting and designing to manufacturing and implementing of composite components for different clients of various industries. Faranegar Zarfam is not a manufacturer limited to a sole product, but a company well organized that to this date have executed hundreds of different projects, in the field of mass production and composite structure construction, based on its client’s demands.