Faranegar Zarfam Co. started its journey in 2005 as a private company, aiming to constructing, manufacturing, technology transmission and commercial activities in the composite industry. As its first step, Faranegar Zarfam developed a manufacturing factory in Shahriar region and started to produce composite components for heavy machineries. Establishing its quality control, engineering, research and commercial and development sections, the company step by step moved forward and now it is one of the leading enterprises in different major industries such as Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, Marine & Railway, water and waste water, etc. Having a team of specialized experts along with years and years of valuable experience, Faranegar Zarfam proudly provides all types of services and solutions from consulting and designing to manufacturing and implementing of composite components for different clients of various industries. Faranegar Zarfam is not a manufacturer limited to a sole product, but a company well organized that to this date have executed hundreds of different projects, in the field of mass production and composite structure construction, based on its client’s demands.


Having the advantage of using experts and specialized manpower for different sections such as consultancy, designing, raw material selection, structural designing, preparation of models and casts, as well as, component mass production, project execution, raw material and equipment supply from domestic and foreign sources, Faranegar Zarfam Co. is able to provide its services for different industries. Furthermore, the company is constantly trying to manufacture high quality products with reasonable prices in the shortest time possible to increase customer satisfaction, aiming increase its market share, added value and return on the investment for the interests of its major stakeholders.


With regards to its business development plan, the company aims to become a well-known and credible brand and gain maximum market share in the field of composite components and complex engineering structures.

Organizational Values:

Commitment, loyalty and fast delivery - especially in terms of customer satisfaction – are among of our major values. With regards to citizenship rights, design and manufacturing of components are being performed with social, economical and environmental considerations. This leads to a mutual benefit both for people and the company itself.

As human resource is company’s most valuable asset, Faranegar Zarfam Co. aims to improve professional, material and spiritual level, as well as consolidate their participation within the organization, so that it can better benefit from this huge mental asset as its major priorities.
Hard work and effort in providing high quality products and technology are also among our so many advantages compared to our competitors.

Main Goals:

-       Empowering R&D department of the organization
-       Developing domestic and international commercial activities, using brand management
-       Maintaining existing clients by provision of customized services and target market development
-       Implementing appropriate and proper equipment and machineries in production lines
-       Promoting health and technical knowledge management level for experts in Human Resources department of the organization
-       Manufacturing products with the best possible quality and on-time execution of projects
-       Increasing efficiency, reducing expenses and costs of final products and services